Xampp Ubuntu installation

Xampp for Ubuntu 

Xampp is an open source web server available for almost all OS's. This method of installing Xampp can be used in other Linux distributions also eg. Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora etc.
Xampp stands for, X- Any, a-Apache, m-MySql, p-PHP and p-Perl.

To download the Xampp for Ubuntu Linux, download it from here. After downloading the Xampp, install the Xampp in Ubuntu Linux through following methods.
Go to a  Ubuntu Linux terminal and login as the system administrator root by typing:
Extract the downloaded archive file to /opt:
$tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt
To start XAMPP type this command in  the terminal :
 $/opt/lampp/lampp start
You will be seeing something like this on your screen:
 Starting XAMPP 1.7.7
 LAMPP: Starting Apache
 LAMPP: Starting MySQL
 LAMPP started
 Ready. Apache and MySQL are running.

 After installing the Xampp for Ubuntu Linux, test it by typing http://localhost in the web browser

 Still finding any error then post it here and share it with other people.

Xampp Ubuntu


i have previously installed apache2 and somehow i unistalled it but after i installed xammp on ubuntu 11.10 i get this message:

Xampp:Another web server daemon is already running.

Thanks for the article. Any reason to extract to /opt over other locations or is it arbitrary?

i downloaded but a executable named "xampp-linux-x64-1.8.3-2-installer.run" is downloaded now what to do with it. I am a bit confused

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