Ubuntu launches Ubuntu TV : TV for human beings

Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu is displaying a prototype unit, called Ubuntu on TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While the TV market growth is expected to reach $265 billion in 2016, Ubuntu TV is already giving Google and Apple a nightmare.
Ubuntu TV

The features of Ubuntu TV are -

1) All TV
Ubuntu TV will be broadcasted  in the United States and the EU. As per the standard formats, the picture quality can be of the standard of high definition, with integrated electronic program guides.

2) Cable and satellite options
Include your local cable or satellite TV in Ubuntu TV, to get a unique customer experience. Ubuntu TV will bridge the gap between TV manufacturers and cable or satellite service providers.

3) Unlimited online entertainment
Online entertainment content providers can be integrated to Ubuntu TV which provide a wide diversity of entertainment.

4) Better visualization
Second screen options provide viewers to watch the TV without any distraction. Phones or tablets can be connected to the Ubuntu TV. It  provides information about the movies, the director's name, or the reaction of Tweeters during live shows.

Ubuntu TV : Supports multiple devices
5) Smart search
The wealth of online content has left the audience overwhelmed by choice. To simplify and streamline the experience, users can prioritize the channels and shows that they want to watch. The TV also gives out suggestions on user taste. Ubuntu TV puts world at your fingertips with a simple and neat interface.  

6) Pick up where you left
Viewers can enjoy viewing TV on multiple devices - phones, tablets, and the TV itself. With Ubuntu TV, they can start up from where they have left off on a different device. Viewers can watch a part of movie on one device and the other part on another without searching for where they have left.

7) The sharing across devices
Ubuntu TV apps are available for iOS and Android. Movies and music can be shared between TV and other devices using personal cloud service, Ubuntu One.

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