How to install Linux Operating System

How to install Linux?

Before installing Linux let's have a reality check!

1) Not only install Linux but the whole operating system: 
Linux is only the kernel of a Linux based Operating system such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, etc. It is more like the brain and heart of the operating system which performs the task of connecting the software and the hardware. All other softwares in Linux based OS's are installed on Linux kernel which in turn make the software interact with the available system hardware.

2)Linux based Operating System:
There are around 200 Linux based operating systems in the market. Among them, the most popular are Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Red Hat, etc. Ubuntu is the most popular one for non-commercial distribution and Red Hat is the most popular commercial version.

3) Linux installation process :
All the Linux based operating system has almost same installation process with a minor change in them. They just differ in the GUI but the main steps are common among them.
  • Selecting the ext file format for installation of Linux based operating system : Latest ext file format is ext 4 and recommended by most Linux distributions.
Selecting ext4 partition for Linux installation

  • Selecting the swap space or virtual memory: Swap area is the space on a hard disk which acts as the Virtual Memory of your machine. It is a combination of  physical memory (RAM) and the swap space. Swap space temporarily holds the inactive memory pages. Swap space is used when the there is a need of physical memory for active processes and there is insufficient availability of physical memory.
Create a swap partition 
    • Installing the Linux Grub loader : Differences occur when some Linux distributions provide the option of additional software. Till now, it must be clear that you don't install only Linux kernel, but the whole Linux based operating system. To install the different distributions of Linux operating see the below link.
    Basic installation process is common among all the Linux based distributions. All you need is to select your favorite Linux distribution and follow the steps as shown in any of the above installation tutorials.

    Different Linux based operating system


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