Add/create user in Ubuntu

Add/Create User in Ubuntu

To add a user to Ubuntu you need to login as administrator. Adding a User can be done through command line as well as through graphical method.

To create a user through command line see create user to Linux. This method is applied to all the Linux distros.

Adding a user in Ubuntu through graphical method can be done in the following manner:

1) In Unity dash(the topmost button on the right panel), search for User Accounts (for Ubuntu 11.04 and above. For previous versions, go to Application -> User Accounts).

2) The following window will appear.

User Accounts

Click on  Unlock option at the top to Unlock the window.

3) Now click on '+' button present at the bottom left side.

4) In the appearing window, select the account type as per your choice and assign a user name. Click on "Create" button.
Give the user account name

4) Next, you will see a window with "Password" option. Now click on "Account disabled" in front of it. The window shown below will appear.

Give password for the User account of Ubuntu

5) Give the password, confirm it and click on Change button. Your user account will be enabled and you can login with this account on your next login.