Ubuntu wireless not working

After installing Ubuntu some of you might see that your wireless drivers are not installed and you are unable to connect to any of the wireless networks. Some times it may happen that wireless drivers are not installed after a fresh Ubuntu installation
To get the wireless working, you need to download the wireless drivers. To get the Ubuntu Wlan drivers, perform the following steps:- 
  • Get connected to Internet through LAN.
  • Open your package manager and press reload button.
  • Now search for "bcmwl kernel" package.
  • Install the package.
  • Install the dependency package if there is any.
  • Restart your Ubuntu and you are ready to go.
If still any problem occurs, feel free to write or comment.



I downloaded Ubuntu a while ago, so have windows and Ubuntu on my laptop. Wireless connection on Ubuntu was fine in the past, but I moved to a new flat and can now only connect to the network using Windows. I'm confused, as clearly Ubuntu is capable of connecting to the internet and the network is fine. What to do?

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