Enable snow compiz effect in Ubuntu desktop

With the arrival of Unity in Ubuntu 11.04 and above, compiz is outdated and to make Ubuntu desktop fill with snow you have to use another software.
There exists a small window called Xsnow to bring snow to your desktop and create a Christmas scene. 

Xsnow can be installed from the Ubunu Center Software or open the terminal and type the following command:

$sudo apt-get install xsnow

After installation, run xsnow in a terminal by typing the following command.


Default number of snowflakes is 100 and max is 1000. It can be changed by option -snowflakes. Default delay after updating everything is 50 ms, it can be changed by option  -delay.
For example, the command below uses the maximum number of snowflakes and running as fast as possible.

$xsnow-snowflakes 1000-delay 0

For more use, read the man page of Xsnow: 

$man xsnow

Snow effect in Ubuntu desktop


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