13 Ubuntu quickies (Tip and tricks)

Here are 13 Ubuntu tips and tricks for you. Tips that will make your Ubuntu experience awesome. These tips are in my point of view. If some one wants to post their own tips and tricks, then just comment.. 

1. Play or Stream YouTube videos directly in Totem Movie Player : Open Movie Player, go to Edit -> Plugins and enable YouTube Browser. In the right panel, select YouTube. Now you can search for videos. It runs in full screen too. Install the video player Totem youtube plugin for H.264 for better quality.

 2. By holding the mouse over the audio files you can play that file as an overview.

 3.  One thing that bothered me when I first installed Ubuntu was the size of the icons - large they were! So if this is the case with you as well, then, open nautilus and go to Edit -> Preferences: Display icons: the default zoom level: 75%.

4.  To customize the colors in your Ubuntu, install  sudo apt-get install gnome-color-chooser which you can then find under System --> Preferences.

 5. Another recommended software is alltray. Install it by command -
$sudo apt-get install alltray
It allows you to open a program in the system tray, even if the software does not support. To do this - hit alt + F2 and type: <name_of_software_to_open> alltray and the same goes for shortcuts.

6. Get quick system information:  
$sudo apt-get install sysinfo 

7. To download youtube videos and convert them to .avi. Install -
$sudo apt-get install youtube-dl ffmpegand then - youtube-dl-o example.flv "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdaAWc"
and to convert avi: ffmpeg-i example.flv example.avi(change the name of the video as per your wish and the link to the youtube video you want to download).

8. Many of us use gtk-recordmydesktop, which saves the screen recordings in .ogg or .ogv format but we want it in avi format, in order to do this:  
$sudo apt-get install mencoder
the run it as 
$mencoder-idx-ovc lavc example.ogg-nosound-o example.avi (that is if the file does not ogg sound).

9. To make a playlist of audio files in a folder.  ls-R > playlist.m3u

10. To kill a process by name. Type  
$sudo killall <prog_name> 
example: $sudo killall firefoxor you can kill PID (program ID): $sudo kill <pid>and see the PID:  $pidof <name of program>, for example: $pidof firefox 
(Or you can try the list of processes running with: $top)

11. To refresh the gnome panel: $sudo killall gnome-panel

12. For the software version installed: apt-cache policy <packet_name> 

13. To find out the UUID of your partitions: ls / dev / disk / by-uuid /-alh