Top 5 myth about Linux operating system.

There are many myths about Linux operating system and these myths are mostly among those people from non technical background.

1.Linux is more secure because it has a smaller User Base :

Some people say that linux has less malware and viruses because it has less than 1% of the desktop market compared to Windows 90%, and believe that if linux ever increases in popularity then it will suffer just as badly as Windows. This argument is deeply flawed & not just by the spurious statistics as Linux dominates server markets around 65% of the world severs run on Linux then why struggle to write a virus that might knock out a few thousand desktops when knocking out a few thousand servers could knock out a continent? Yet it is the desktop machines that are commonly exploited.

Main reason for Linux to less prone to viruses.   
  • Programs are run as normal user, not Root User
  • More eyeballs on the code, nowhere for malware to hide
  • Vast diversity makes it difficult to reproduce flaws in a system
  • All software and drivers are frequently updated by Package Managers
  • Software is generally installed from vast Repositories not from unfamiliar websites
  • Developers/programmers are recognised as Rock Gods rather than treated with contempt
  • Elegant, secure code is admired & aspired to. Hasty kludges are an embarrassment
  • Ownership of the means of production is in the hands of the workers
  • No-one profits from supplying anti-virus or security products

2.The Linux Interface is  unattractive:
   I guess these Desktop screen shots will do all the talking.


Compiz provides the best user interface for any user to imagine.
The main problem is that people are habituated to Windows GUI and when they switch to Linux they find it difficult to operate and hence unattractive.
The most common habit among Windows user is clicking Refresh through right mouse click, which is not available in Ubuntu Linux.

3.Linux is a nightmare to install
The most common question in Linux forum is how to install the Linux. Linux is as easy to install as compared to Windows. Other most common myth is one have to install the software only from the source code by typing command in terminal. Linux software can be installed on mouse click as software comes bundled in .deb and .rpm format.

4.After you install Linux, you still don't have any everyday software. 

For every Windows software there are almost two or more alternatives provided in Linux. Check out few alternatives for Windows software. As for the rest of software, rest assured that there is replacement for everything you need. Also, the quality of these applications is typically as good as, and often better than, their commercial counterparts, and most of them are free. Moreover, some of these applications are so popular that versions have been developed for use on Microsoft Windows and other operating systems.

5. Linux has poor support because there is no single company behind it, but rather just a bunch of coders.

Linux has excellent support, often much better and faster than that for commercial software. There is a great deal of information available on the Internet and questions posted to newsgroups are typically answered within a few hours. Moreover, this support is free and there are no costly service contracts required. Commercial support is also available, if desired, from major computer companies such as Red Hat, Novell, IBM and HP. Also to kept in mind is the fact than many users find that less support is required than for other operating systems because Linux has relatively few bugs (i.e., errors in the way it was written) and is highly resistant to viruses and other malicious code.


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